Project: DIDI Lounge Animation

Colaboration Partners: DIDI México (Línea gráfica marca, ilustración), Trendsetera Digital Marketing Agency (Music Assets, seguimiento cliente)
Project Assigments: Arte para animación, diseño gráfico, Storytelling, Motion graphics, edición de video.
Media: Social media, YouTube Adds, Facebook Adds, Instagram
Year: 2019


MAIN_DIDI_CORONA Lounge_V03_1920x1080.00_00_00_18.Still001

MAIN_DIDI_CORONA Lounge_V03_1920x1080.00_00_05_06.Still002

MAIN_DIDI_CORONA Lounge_V03_1920x1080.00_00_17_19.Still004

MAIN_DIDI_CORONA Lounge_V03_1920x1080.00_00_23_17.Still005

MAIN_DIDI_CORONA Lounge_V03_1920x1080.00_00_31_29.Still007

MAIN_DIDI_CORONA Lounge_V03_1920x1080.00_00_37_07.Still008

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